Olimpiade Astronomi SMA

Logo OSN Astronomi


  1. OSK Astronomi SMA 2005: [2005 Soal OSK Astro]
  2. OSK Astronomi SMA 2006:
  3. OSK  Astronomi SMA 2007:
  4. OSK Astronomi SMA 2008: [2008 Soal OSK Astro][2008 Solusi OSK Astronomi]
  5. OSK Astronomi SMA 2009: [2009 Soal OSK Astro][2009 Jawaban OSK Astro]
  6. OSK Astronomi SMA 2010: [2010 Soal OSK Astronomi][2010 Kunci OSK Astronomi]
  7. OSK Astronomi SMA 2011: [2011 Soal OSK Astronomi][2011 Kunci OSK Astronomi]
  8. OSK Astronomi SMA 2012: [2012 Soal OSK Astro][2012 Solusi OSK Astro]
  9. OSK Astronomi SMA 2013: [2013 Soal OSK Astro][2013 Jawaban OSK Astro]
  10. OSK Astronomi SMA 2014: [2014 Soal OSK Astro][2014 Jawaban OSK Astro]
  11. OSK Astronomi SMA 2015: [2015 Soal OSK Astro][2015 Jawaban OSK Astro]
  12. OSK Astronomi SMA 2016: [2016 Soal OSK Astro][2016 Jawaban OSK Astro][ 2016 Solusi_OSK Astro]
  13. OSK Astronomi SMA 2017: [2017 Soal OSK Astro][2017 Jawaban OSK Astro][2017 Solusi OSK Astro]
  14. OSK Astronomi SMA 2018: [2018 Soal OSK Astro][2018 Kunci OSK Astronomi]


  1. OSP Astronomi SMA 2005:
  2. OSP Astronomi SMA 2006:
  3. OSP  Astronomi SMA 2007:
  4. OSP Astronomi SMA 2008:
  5. OSP Astronomi SMA 2009:
  6. OSP Astronomi SMA 2010:
  7. OSP Astronomi SMA 2011:
  8. OSP Astronomi SMA 2012: [2012 Soal OSP Astro][2012 Solusi OSP Astro]
  9. OSP Astronomi SMA 2013: [2013 Soal OSP Astro][2013 Solusi OSP Astro]
  10. OSP Astronomi SMA 2014: [2014 Soal OSP Astro][2014 Solusi OSP Astro]
  11. OSP Astronomi SMA 2015: [[2015 Soal OSP Astro]
  12. OSP Astronomi SMA 2016: [2016 Soal OSP Astronomi][2016 Solusi OSP Astronomi]
  13. OSP Astronomi SMA 2017: [2017 Soal OSP Astro][2017 Solusi OSP Astro]
  14. OSP Astronomi SMA 2018:


  1. OSN Astronomi SMA 2005:
  2. OSN Astronomi SMA 2006:
  3. OSN  Astronomi SMA 2007:
  4. OSN Astronomi SMA 2008:
  5. OSN Astronomi SMA 2009:
  6. OSN Astronomi SMA 2010:
  7. OSN Astronomi SMA 2011: [2011 Soal OSN Astronomi Teori][2011 Soal OSN Astro Pengolahan Data][2011 Soal OSN Astro Observasi Langit Mendung]
  8. OSN Astronomi SMA 2012: [2012 Soal OSN Astro Teori][2012 Solusi OSN Astro Teori][2012 Soal OSN Astro Pengolahan Data][2012 Solusi OSN Astro Pengolahan Data No. 1][2012 Solusi OSN Astro Pengolahanan Data No.2][2012 Soal OSN Astro Observasi]
  9. OSN Astronomi SMA 2013: [2013 Soal OSN Astro Teori][2013 Solusi OSN Astro Teori][2013 Soal OSN Astro Analisis Data ][2013 Solusi OSN Astro Analisis Data]
  10. OSN Astronomi SMA 2014: [2014 Soal OSN Astro Teori][2014 Jawaban OSN Astro Teori][2014 Soal OSN Astro Analisis Data][2014 Lembar Jawaban Analisis Data][2014 Soal OSN Astro Observasi Hujan][2014 Soal OSN Astro Observasi Cerah][2014 Solusi OSN Astro Observasi Cerah ][2014 Soal OSN Astronomi Observasi Mendung SMA][2014 Soal OSN Astro Essay Pendek 1-5][2014 Soal OSN Astro Essay Panjang 1-5]
  11. OSN Astronomi SMA 2015: [2015 Soal OSN Astro Teori][2015 Soal OSN Astro Analisis Data][2015 Solusi OSN Astro Analisis Data][2015 Soal OSN Astro Observasi Bersama][2015 Solusi OSN Astro Observasi Bersama][2015 Soal OSN Astro Observasi Langit Cerah][2015 Solusi OSN Astro Observasi Langit Cerah][2015 OSN Astro Observasi Langit Mendung Hujan]
  12. OSN Astronomi SMA 2016: [2016 Soal dan Solusi OSN Atro Teori][2016 Soal dan Solusi OSN Astro Analisis Data]
  13. OSN Astronomi SMA 2017:
  14. OSN Astronomi SMA 2018:

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